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Surround yourself with fools, and in no time you will begin to behave like one. It's so natural, you can't fight it. The poor nature of the fool will gradually diffuse into the heart of the wise, without you even knowing it. So, it is wise that you give yourself a safe distance, for the love & respect that you have for your ideas...
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Social Distancing In Leadership – it’s a big deal…

Keep The Right Company

 “I was tired of pretending that I was someone else just to get along with people, just for the sake of having friendships.”

Kurt Cobain 

I wasn’t intending to publish this short piece today. I had something else in mind to publish, but somehow, I stumbled upon this idea while reading, and felt a sharp nudge to share part of the thought that crept into my heart.

The relationship(s) you are building, may be the wall preventing you from intercourse with your greatness. Read that again, and again, and again.

Most times, we claim we love those relationships that are hurting us, while our potentials gradually waste away. If you keep nurturing a relationship that keeps sucking the life out of you, soon, there will be nothing left inside you.

For leaders, creators & innovators, the relationships that they build & keep around them play major roles in their creative processes. 

If you keep ugly relationships as a creator, soon, you will find out that the fuel that powers your ideas will begin to wane. Gradually you begin to admire mediocrity, laziness, and average if these are the things your relationships glorify.

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Your First Fans…

Should be your friends, those close to you. They should be the ones who first admire your ideas & praise you. If they don’t love you or look down on what you hold so dear, then you may be in the wrong place. You need to be among people who can stimulate you. People who believe in what you are giving your time & life to. Not people who only believe in living below average, and don’t want you to rise.

If they don’t believe in you, [they may not thoroughly understand your crazy ideas, but they love you] you need to run away from them or stand the risk of getting infected with the disease that torments them.

When I say run away from them, I am not saying that you banish them from your life [maybe], they need you to come to the light [maybe]; what I am implying is that you eradicate their influence on you by becoming more conscious of how you allow their toxic nature affect you. You become more aware, and they realize this, and either come to the light or remain in darkness.

Surround yourself with fools, and in no time you will begin to behave like one. It’s so natural, you can’t fight it. The poor nature of the fool will gradually diffuse into the heart of the wise, without you even knowing it. So, it is wise that you give yourself a safe distance, for the love & respect that you have for your ideas.

If you ever want to be relevant in the field of innovation, creativity & leadership, then you can’t bargain the idea of being around people who think like you & share your passion.

Nurses who have died with their world-changing ideas owe that defeat to people around them who never believed in what they were doing. They allowed the poison in negative people to kill their zeal & enthusiasm. It’s so sad. 

You have learned from them, and in so doing, you are positioned to even do better. If you see that those who are around you are always talking down on your ideas, kindly do yourself some good & keep a safe distance. Practice social distancing, they are infectious, even more, deadlier than this virus we are battling.

Who Should I Welcome In?

People who believe in you, and are proud of what you are doing as a creator, leader, or innovator. 

My Friends, my nurse friends [this piece is intended for them, but anyone can find wisdom in it], to be specific, you need to do some housekeeping. 

You look around. If there is one colleague who always encourages you, who sees your ideas and is happy about it, I tell you something today, that that is the right direction to build, the wind that will move your sail is gently coming from that direction.

I don’t joke with my relationships. I intentionally build them. If I observe that a fellow is always full of negative & ugly stuff, I humbly excuse myself and pray for them [maybe]. I have so much respect for the ideas that God has placed in me that I will fight anyone who tries to douse the light of my ideas – you should do the same.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying you should become proud & high-minded. No, far from it. What I am simply trying to say here is that you should be extra careful with the way you allow people into the confines of your life.

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How To Build Good Relationships

Invest in them if you find them. When I see a leader who I admire so much, I try to wriggle my way through, into their circle. I send them messages, sign-up for their courses, attend their webinars [and make comments], tag them on social media [Err, I do these for those leaders I truly love], and most times, I get the opportunity to work with them. To write for them, or volunteer to be among the planning committee of a program that they are organizing [volunteers are always needed].

For relationships that are on your level – people with whom you can easily relate [they are not so far away from you]. 

Show them you care about their ideas and you appreciate them. Follow them on social media & interact with their ideas. Invest in your friendship. Invest time, chat them up, share your ideas with them. If you have a problem, a sharable one, try to share it with them. 

Let them know you are genuine. Don’t be manipulative [using the opportunity of knowing them for greedy purposes]. I don’t like people who are nasty & manipulative, and I am sure you are with me on this.

Look for innovative communities where you can make true friends. You see, true friendship is hard to find these days. People are busy with their lives that they forget to build real relationships. This is one problem that I have seen, firsthand, especially with those who think way above their levels, and ahead of their time. 

But you don’t have to be all alone on your Olympus. Learn to build relationships. It’s very important. If you want to take your leadership & innovation journey seriously, you will definitely need them.

I owe my little success today as a writer, leader & innovator to the solid relationships I am building. Without these people around me, I will not be able to do the things that I do. Writing will be difficult if I don’t have people who read & share my works.

The same thing goes with you. Look for good relationships & build them. It’s never too late to start building. The people who are around you are your first fans. They will be the ones to share your ideas, products & services. 

Before it ever flies far, it starts from your field.

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