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Nurses & Healthcare professionals are served by a host of innovative online healthcare services, and medical smartphone apps top the list. In this article, we looked briefly at five amazing medical applications that Nurses & Healthcare professionals need to be intimate with.

Since the invention of smartphones, it’s safe and smart to say that knowledge has been quite accessible to more people. 

With just a quick search using various internet search engines, such as Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go. You will be provided with a wide array of results in less than a second, right on your mobile screen. 

Learning has become more exciting with the diverse mobile applications that are now being developed without excluding any sector. 

Educational apps containing in-depth knowledge are now available. 

These innovative medical smartphone apps provide this knowledge in texts, audio format, or audio-visual, while some combine all methods. 

Some of these mobile applications feature a quiz section that allows you to test yourself, with mnemonics enabling you to recall what you have learned and discussion segments that enable you to connect with various professionals in your field. 

This last feature is the favourite of those in the healthcare sector, especially among the “frontliners” of the healthcare sector – The Nurses

The nursing profession is very respected because nurses deal with human lives and are much closer to their patients/clients than physicians. 

Nurses make up a large percentage of the healthcare workforce of any healthcare institution and they are essential to the delivery of safe and quality healthcare services.

In this 21st century, where technology has come to stay, nurses need to be familiar with some mobile applications that will aid them in service delivery, give an accurate estimation of information, provide access to recent researches and solve problems faster and better. 

These apps will help nurses cope with the demands of ever-busy healthcare facilities while connecting them to a community of healthcare professionals sharing their unique experiences.  

Below Are Five(5) Must Have Medical Smartphone Apps For Nurses: 

1. Nursing Central – This mobile application is a compilation of information and references of clinical conditions, drugs, and clinical investigations. 

It has a search function that helps to filter your requests and calculators with integrated functions that can help with dosage calculations, conversions, and even IV administration calculations. 

Nurses central app has an excellent user interface, and you can highlight texts in the app. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

2. Epocrates – You can’t talk about good apps for nurses without mentioning Epocrates. It has a vast array of information to help nurses and students diagnose, manage, and treat disease conditions.

Using this app, you get medical news notifications, and you can request more information on the subject matter.

The app can review drug prescriptions, check potentially dangerous interactions between drugs, and identify a drug based on the imprint code. It is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

3. Medscape – Have you seen a healthcare professional that has not sought the information services of Medscape online? If you have come across one, then it means that he or she lives under a rock – a literal rock…

This app resource site has references to drugs, diseases, and their treatment. Like the ones mentioned before, it has a pill identifier, integrated medical calculators, procedures, drug-to-drug interaction, and much more. 

The app is supported by iOS and Android and is readily accessible even when you are offline. This app is regularly updated to keep you abreast with the new trends in the healthcare sector. 


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4. WebMD Let’s call this app – Google Doctor. It has been of immense help to healthcare professionals seeking “quick information” about a disease pathway, drug dose & management algorithm for major diseases.  

Primarily known as an online publisher of news and information on human health and well-being. 

It offers trustworthy health information and reference resources and also offers online community programs to train medics and paramedics. 

The company has several apps – WebMD App, WebMDRx App, WebMD Pregnancy APP, WebMD Allergy App, WebMD Baby App, and much more

These apps are very helpful, and all nurses are encouraged to get intimate with them.

5. NSCBN Learning Extension’s Medication Flashcards – This is another must-have app for nurses. 

It helps both nurses and students to remember lots of information using keywords, allowing students to review a lot of drugs, their descriptions, uses, side effects, interactions, and so on. 

This medical learning extension is also advantageous when preparing for exams and when some medical concepts look confusing. 

It is backed by the United States National Council of the State Board of Nursing, so it is trendy among nurses. You can download it on the Apple Store, Google PlayStore, or the Amazon App Store.


Although there are other medical valuable apps out there for nurses and healthcare professionals, these have shown to be better and more dedicated to delivering value. 

These apps are essential because they make the nursing world smaller and closer, aiding effective communication among nursing and healthcare specialists and bringing information on evidence-based clinical practices closer to every nurse. 

They also improve knowledge and allow quick access to relevant resources, and that way, they reduce the stress and workload on nurses and give advice on specific diagnoses.

If you are a nurse or a nursing student, having these apps on your phone or laptop will undoubtedly make learning easier for you.  

#Cheers to the frontliners

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