Their raw passion is tangible, you can feel it, it’s alive, in their stories they tell it. These health care practitioners are somewhat extraordinary in their various fields of practice. They have been able to create solutions to various problems health care practitioners face in their everyday practice.

Nurses taking the lead in health care innovation. From all over the world, these brilliant minds have emerged, some of them you may know and some others you may have never heard of, but their impacts are felt in their spheres of practice as they challenge old systems, innovative ideas borne in various fields, innovations in clinical care, advocacy, community health, health technology – with information communication technology which is the bedrock of technology and other fields, with their passion and ingenuity they challenge the status quo.

Join me as I talk about these distinct practitioners, bringing out leadership lessons to inspire you to do more in your various medical fields of practice.

My focus will heavily be on the nursing practice because we want to encourage more nurses to activate their critical thinking capacities. But if we stumble upon challenging and inspiring work done by any other health care practitioner, we won’t hesitate to write about it and publish it, we do it for the learning and development.

Your Friend.

Ayinla Daniel, RN.
(Team Care City).


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