If You Tested Positive For COVID-19, What Will You Do About It? – Ten Positive Tips For Your Positive Self.

It's not a death sentence, see it as a fight you already won.

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If You Tested Positive For COVID-19, What Will You Do About It? – Ten Positive Tips For Your Positive Self.
Ayinla Daniel. RN, Rctn.

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You have just got the result of your test, and it reports that you are positive, meaning you are infected with the deadly coronavirus. What will you do? In this article, I write from an experienced point of view, being a Registered Nurse (Cardiothoracic Nurse), and one who has come in contact with patients suffering from highly infectious diseases, and also lately, I have been quarantined ( I am out now), because I happened to have taken care of a patient who was suspected to have been infected (unknowingly to us), I think I can give you some advice.

“Testing positive is not a death sentence!”

Follow me, as I warm you up with these tips:

You Are Permitted To Freak Out.

I will never tell you to be calm. No, don’t be calm, freak out, complain, shout, get angry, let those emotions out, it is a normal thing to do. Now, when you are done with all the emotional outbursts, know these:

Complaining Is Not A Cure.

I would want you to know, that complaining is not a cure. Worrying will not heal you. If you worry, and complain and shout, and cry, and curse, and threaten, and do this and do that, well, it won’t change a thing. It never does. So, what should you do?

Think About All The Good Things Around You.

There’s a lot happening around you that you never took the time out to admire and enjoy, probably because you were very busy. But now, it looks like you are going to die (you are not going to die), why not take some time out to think about the good things around you; relationships, your personal aspirations, your pets, projects, favourite things – sports, outings, vacations, and all the good things you can think about. Now, having done that, calmly ask your self; “do you want to leave these things behind?”

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Think About Those Who Have Recovered.

If you continue feeling bad, complaining, crying, cursing, and contemplating suicide, I tell you, you will never even know that some fellows have been able to recover and are now living normal lives. Yes, they are living normal lives, while you are there, worrying your heart out.

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Put Your Self Together.

Put your self together. Think about how we will all cheer you once you are out if it! You will be our hero; you faced it, fought it and conquered it. You will be giving a lot of other folks hope! Crying and complaining, feeling bitter will not bring you to this reality, instead, it will keep you behind, relegate you and kill you.

Start Your Treatment And Adhere To The Regimen – Strictly.

As a registered nurse, who works in the critical care setting and before I started working in the critical care setting, I have worked in the general wards, and believe me, in my few years of practice, I have seen a lot of human beings die. Oh yes, a lot. But, I have also seen fellows who we left for dead bounce back, simply because they never gave up, their bodies were sick, but their minds stayed alive and on the other hand, I have also seen people who allowed their minds to get sick and this sickness further weakened their physical bodies. So, my positive friend, stay positive (lol) and adhere to your treatment regimen.

Take Your Mind Off Your Present Predicament.

If you keep thinking that because there is no cure, that makes you a dead man, before your thoughts get here, also remember that I mentioned earlier that many have recovered. Do you want to be among those who survived? Yes, you do, I know you do.

Isolation Is Boring.

Isolation is boring, you may be on a mechanical ventilator (well, I don’t think it will get to this point if your status was discovered on time), or you may not, depends on the stage of the illness. But yes, you will be isolated, so that you don’t make more positive friends. So, this is the period to get to know you. Connect with your self. Peep into the hidden rooms of your heart and discover you. If you are a Christian, the isolation period is the best time to commune with God. You will be amazed at how much positiveness can come out of your positive condition (winks).

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Communicate With Your Loved Ones.

Don’t abandon them, because you are on isolation, getting treated for COVID-19, does not make you forbidden, you are still alive, look for means of seeing them daily, or hearing their voices (it may break some of their hearts to see you that way). But still, try to get close to their warmth and affection, it’s a therapy we do not understand.

Try To Interact With People Who Have Recovered.

This is a very important element in your road to recovery. Talk to those who have recovered (not face to face, you know why? So you don’t become close friends!) Seeing them tell you their stories boosts your faith in life & speeds up your recovery. You will tell your self :“I am also going to recover and become a source of inspiration to others“. Say that to your self right now – Good! You may not see those who have recovered physically, it’s a good thing you still have your smartphones with you – read their stories.

Check this out, good news about those who have recovered.

I think that makes it ten, well, let me add one last one, pray, oh yes, pray my friend, I am a believer and I strongly believe that God can heal you in the name of Jesus Christ (Don’t mind me, I am not preaching here, but if you read my tips, then you should read my sermon, right Senor?)

Be sincere and God will hear you. Ok, that brings us to the end of this piece. Hope you enjoyed it? I believe you still have your smartphones with you (being positive does not mean you can’t play with your smartphones).

If you happen to have a friend or know someone who tested positive, kindly share this piece with them. And to all our friends who are negative, please don’t turn your selves into sources of stigmatization. Don’t embarrass our positive brothers and sisters, (after they have recovered) we are one.

If you paid close attention, you will observe that more than 80% of these tips talked about your inner wellbeing, I did not dwell much on medico-pharmacological interventions, because in cases like this, medical interventions are good, but are not effective if one has abandoned hope.

I wrote an article earlier about the psychological aspect of this pandemic, read it here, it has a lot in it to help you.

Stay tuned, I will share more writings with you. If you want to talk to someone, you can send me a mail here. Stay positive (you know what I mean).

Stay safe, and adhere strictly to preventive practices.

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