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Care City Curated Health/Digital Health Care Content

Here are our curated health/digital health care contents for this week. The information here have been collected from credible sites/blogs. We know you will find them educative and above all inspiring.

How To Sanitize N-95 Masks For Reuse: NIH Study

Ever wondered if you could reuse your N-95 masks? Well, this study has been able to develop methods that can be used to effectively decontaminate used N-95 masks. Have a look!

Remote Monitoring For Intrinsic Cardiovascular Physiology

And It’s becoming possible, see how this health tech start-up is bringing innovative ideas into the speciality of Cardiology. Brilliant, novel & safe.

WHO Expert Panel on Digital Health Meets For First Time

Let the world know, we are beginning to see how important Digital Health is. The pandemic though sour, is opening fresh insights into the ways digital health can be of great help.

With My Health, Young Harry Can Now Take Control of His Health Care Records

Taking control of health care data. The big question is “Who Really Owns Health Care Data?” The patient or health care institutions? We are starting to enter the age where patients/clients can legally own their health care information, thereby enhancing continuation of care & improving overall outcome.

The First Musculoskeletal Digital Health Clinic! Connect Your Bones & Muscles To The Internet

Hinge Health has expanded the capacity of their digital health care services to include a musculoskeletal digital health clinic, the first of its kind, impressive.

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