Digital Health: The Mainstay of 21st-Century Healthcare Delivery

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“In 2019, the global digital health market was worth an estimated 175 billion U.S. dollars. With an expected CAGR of almost 25 percent from 2019 to 2025, the digital health market should reach 660 billion dollars by 2025”.

Big numbers, impressive stat, what can we deduce? Simple. Those colossal figures reveal that the digital health industry is among the fastest-growing of the 21st century. Additionally, more global leading firms and investors are investing heavily in the future of digital health. 

Over the last decades, investors have pumped billions of dollars into the digital health ecosystem. It has been a steady climb in the rate at which investors have been investing in digital health — in 2010, 1 billion U.S. dollars was all that was invested in digital health, as compared to over 21 billion U.S dollars in 2020 — that’s a significant increase. 

The rapid adoption of digital health can be attributed to the pandemic, as more and more people were far away from traditional hospitals due to social isolation — to fill the gap, we had to innovate quickly, and digital health technologies came to the rescue. 

And there will be no decline in the adoption of digital health technologies. It’s going to be an ever-upward trend. 

People have started understanding the role & importance of digital health — clinicians, patients/users, and even the government have all started to see the significance. 

Governments & political leaders that are already seeing the necessity to have healthcare structures built with enough allowance to allow the integration of digital health technologies are making decisive moves to create & adjust policies & develop regulations that will enable the easy transition of existing healthcare structures into digitally enabled ecosystems. 

It will not happen in the blink of an eye, they must begin taking steps forward. 

And Africa will not be left behind.

Africa Will Not Be Left Behind

Sub-Saharan Africa has become an emerging arena for digital health innovations directed at strengthening health care, in terms of both patient management and disease surveillance and prevention”.

The Lancet Digital Health

Africa has the potential to participate & contribute to the digital health revolution currently taking over the globe. 

With its young, vibrant & intelligent population, it has the resources needed to build and sustain a digital economy. The talents are here, but what we lack is good and visionary leadership. 

What we want to do in Care City & Carecode is to expose healthcare professionals to the realities of digital life, by making them know that they can lead & innovate in this digital revolution.  

And as part of our efforts towards building the Africa of our dream, we love to nurture community in an atmosphere of leadership & innovation. 

We believe that healthcare professionals in Africa can innovate & lead Africa’s healthcare ecosystem into greatness using the power of digital life — this sums up our mission as a community. 

Working Together As A Community 

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As a community of healthcare professionals who are advocates of innovation and leadership in Africa’s healthcare industry, we will not stop until Africa is well represented in the field of healthcare innovation, leadership & digital health. 

We work daily to inspire Nurses & Healthcare professionals in Africa to seize the power present in Digital Life, through our publicationswebinars & our community activities

This is another opportunity for you to grow & connect. 

Our Digital Health Hub [Carecode] is organizing a Digital Health Conference. We have seasoned guests in the field of Digital Health in Africa gracing the event. Dr. Akangbe Raphael, Dr. Simpa Dania, Olutola Awosiku, Dr. Funmi Adewara & the Co-founder of Carecode Digital Health Hub, Nurse Adewumi Oluwatobi, will all be there to share their knowledge, interact and provide insight. 

It’s free, so you have no excuses whatsoever. 

To register, kindly fill out this little form. You will be directed to join a Whatsapp group afterward. 

You should also follow us on Twitter for more information & updates. 

We can’t wait to have you on board. 

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