Submission Guidelines

Thank you for showing interest in featuring your work with Care City

This post contains guidelines for submission from guests [sponsors, partners, and volunteers], freelancers, and for sponsored posts, articles, and content.

Note: This guideline will be updated on a regular basis based on internal changes and external factors.

  • All content should be related to Healthcare, Healthtech, Digital Health, Leadership In Healthcare, Innovation In Healthcare, Creativity & Entrepreneurship in Healthcare [and related topics/themes].  

  • All articles must be original & factual [sponsor & partner posts may have been published elsewhere].

We do not accept any content in support of the gambling industry, sex industry, and recreational drug industry.

We work closely with writers to edit their works. And works requiring too many edits will be returned, to enable the writer to work more on them.  

We do not republish content that has already been published elsewhere, unless for sponsored or featured content. 

We reserve the right to archive, republish, edit, repackage, or revise paid content [i.e content we purchase from freelancers]

  • Articles with supporting image[s] or video[s] or any other file should be sent directly to our mail here

  • Images must be accompanied by appropriate photo credits. 

  • All submissions should include a minimum of one supporting image with photo credit. The image dimensions must not be less than 600 x 400 pixels and the file size should not be greater than 100kb.

  • Articles should be a minimum of 500 words.  

  • Video content is welcome if it improves the overall experience of the reader. Videos should be submitted in the form of a YouTube or Vimeo link.

  • Content should be in a ready-to-publish format. While we review each post and may adjust formatting as needed, posts requiring heavy editing will be returned for review by the writer.

  • Content that has the similitude of advertorials or looks like sales copies will be considered sponsored posts. 

  • Links are do-follow: Links must naturally fit into the context of the article and provide value to the reader.

  • Submissions containing what we view as an unreasonable number of links will be edited or rejected [with an exception for paid/sponsored posts].

  • Submissions containing keyword stuffing will be rejected [with an exception for paid/sponsored posts].

  • Author names and bio should be included with each submission; the bio should not be more than 250 words long, and a photo should also be attached. Or if the author prefers to make use of a WordPress or Gravatar account, they can send us the mail affiliated with their WordPress or Gravatar account.    

  • Links to the author’s social media pages should also be included with the submission [exceptions for sponsored posts]. 

  • Articles should be sent directly to our mail [in Word format] with other accompanying documents [images, video links, social media links, and other necessary files].

Sponsored Posts, Content & Links

We accept sponsored posts and links that are related to the kind of content we publish here in Care City. 

To find out the price/guideline[s] for putting up sponsored posts, content, or link[s], kindly send us a message here

Freelance Writers/Content Creators

If you are a freelance writer or content creator and you would love to work with us, kindly send us a message here, introducing yourself, and post pitches [that fit what we write about on Care City]. If possible, you can also send links to previous works. Once we are satisfied, we will go ahead in discussing the rate and other modalities. 

P.S: Sponsor and partner posts/content go through a slightly different publication process.

Best Regards.

Editorial Team, Care City.