It’s International Women’s Day.

Listen to this!

• Women should be respected. No matter what, they go through a lot, we must respect them, they should not even beg or protest for it.

• Women should be protected. They should not ask or bargain for it, come on, these are our mothers & sisters, we must do all we can to protect them.

• Women should be consulted. They should not be left out of decision making. They have better senses, they can see farther.

• Health care should include women in the plans. Enough funds must be set aside for women’s health; maternal and child health, ranging from teenagers to aged women.

• Women should be given equal rights. All those talks about women being the weaker vessel is rubbish, women are not weaker, they are human beings, just built differently, give them equal rights.

• Woman, take good care of your self. Try to learn how to manage stress. As you approach menopause, learn how to adjust, it’s a gift.

• Do a lot of exercise! It helps you.

• Make sure you take out time to get a general checkup. Consult a gynaecologist if you sense any thing funny.

• Get your confidence up! Believe you can, believe you can do more!

This message is brought to you by Care City.

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