Celebrating Doctors all over the world. This piece, wonderfully crafted, is written by a Physician who expresses his joy as a Doctor who is only interested in the well-being of those he takes care of, despite the notion some may have.

Southeast Zonal NANNM Leaders & National NANNM Executives Meet with Nurses of Alex-Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital Abakiliki, (AEFUTHA) Over Termination Of Their Membership From NANNM

The South East Zonal Chairman representing the National NANNM president, said; this zone is newly created by NANNM, during our inauguration as the south east zonal leaders, we got information that about 423 nurses has exited, from the association due to high cost of COD ( 3% consolidated).
He said, we are here today to discus with you face to face

The Winners of The AI Wellbeing Hackathon Organised By AI Commons In Nigeria Emerge.

Africa is ready. Ready to take on the numerous healthcare challenges that plague the healthcare industry with the energy of artificial intelligence. I mean, here are brilliant Nigerians who have been able to create and design AI algorithms, even though not perfect, that show promising solutions to some of the problems that we face in the area of healthcare, especially public health.

Institute of Nursing Research Nigeria Launches Her Journal Club

The Institute of Nursing Research Nigeria has again shown us how much they long to see that this profession against all odds emerges to become what it is supposed to be – A Scientific Body of Professionals, who have the right to be recognized and respected.

Intimacy Turned Infirmity |A Brilliant Professional Exposition On The Plight Of Children Suffering From Sickle Cell Disease In This Century | Dr. Ayooluwa Olasupo (Ìmísí)

A poetic and an intellectual exposition that does the job – informing the general public about the sorrows present in making the wrong decisions when it comes to “Blood Genotype Compatibility” in choosing a life partner. Dr. Ayooluwa Olasupo, has used her poetic skill to better give this important topic a pleasant glow, coupled with the scientific information present, which is presented in very simple language the average reader can understand…

Your Skin and Your Wellbeing

The skin does not just protect the outer covering, it also lines all external cavities/orifices, e.g the mouth, the anus, the vagina, etc.