Branding, Marketing & Community Building For Small and Medium Healthcare and Health-tech Brands

Building a company, start-up, or business takes a lot of effort.  You have to attend to the creative aspects of things; give attention to team building; monitor your finances, make sure you are networking enough, and dedicate ample time to building your community. That’s a whole lot of work for small and medium enterprises. Many of them need help to effectively carry out these vital […]

Why Your Healthcare/Health-tech Brand Needs Good Social Representation

Healthcare professional holding a digital device

This article first appeared in my personal newsletter, “UNBOUNDED.” You can check it out here. It has also been slightly edited. A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.  Lisa Gansky You can’t build in isolation and hope to cause any significant changes out there. People are social.  Business is social.  Life […]