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Everyone knows that any scripting language shootout that doesn't show Python as the best language is faulty by design. - Max M

My favorite language for maintainability is Python. It has simple, clean syntax, object encapsulation, good library support, and optional named parameters.

Bram Cohen

Python Is King

As of 2019, it is reported that 8.2 million developers use Python globally (that’s massive). 

This says a lot about one of the most widely used programming languages in the Universe (I don’t know if those on Mars know of Python Programming Language). 

Like we always say, it’s our cliché, that we want to prepare the healthcare industry in Nigeria & Africa to be relevant in the coming Digital Health Revolution that is about to hit the African Continent & the World. 

Part of our dream is to see healthcare professionals in Nigeria & Africa at the forefront of designing, building & programming Digital Healthcare Softwares, Algorithms & Solutions.  

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We Want To Walk With You…

Our Digital Health Literacy Hub is only a part of the strategies that we are developing to fulfil this goal. 

It’s not difficult to go online and purchase a course on Udemy or Coursera

That’s not a big deal. But the challenge is always in the aspect of getting inspiration & motivation to start learning (online learning has its good & though sides).  

This is where we want to come in as a community. We want to inspire you (yeah, that’s our motto)

If you take up the courage to take part in this Bootcamp, you will be moving steps ahead of many in your natural circle who do not know anything about the world of Technology & Programming, talk more of the world of Digital Healthcare.  

And one thing I am certain that this Bootcamp can do is to inspire those of us who want to migrate into the world of Technology

You do not need a fancy Computer Degree to be relevant in the world of Technology, all you need is your heart; all other things line up behind your passion. 

Perhaps, you know a thing or two about the science of programming, this Bootcamp will give you the rare opportunity to interact with healthcare professionals in Nigeria & Africa who are nurturing dreams & goals similar to yours. 

Ideas die in isolation, but an idea shared, has greater chances of survival. 

Ayinla Daniel

Apart from the knowledge, you will get from this Bootcamp, you will gain community, friendship, and who knows, maybe a few business partners and even Co-founders (that’s value!) 

It’s nothing bogus or complex. We are just a group of people who want to invest in the development of our healthcare industry in Nigeria & Africa in our little way.  

Why do we always rely on foreign investors? (it’s not wrong to, but over-dependence is where the poison is) When we can develop the brains & minds out here to become world-class champions in the universe of innovation. 

We Believe…

I believe so much in the Digital Health Industry here in Africa, and success starts when we can recognize what we have (our people who have brains, passion & motivation), and develop it. 

The world is a global village. The internet has brought us all together. We want to seize this power & use it to improve us here in Africa.  

I know that there are other bigger initiatives out there that are pursuing very identical dreams like ours, but to me, it’s not a competition, we are all players in this great game, and we are all on the same side. Whoever wins, takes the trophy home for all of us (I love trophies).  

But as a healthcare professional myself, I have observed a lot among my colleagues here in Nigeria. 

Many of us love what we are doing; we want to do more (and that is why many of us seek solace in developed countries), but the environment here is hostile to innovation, and those of us who manage to get our ideas up & running can do so because our passions are bigger than the resistant forces without. 

And we desire to spread this passion. That’s why we created Care City & Carecode; it’s all about learning, innovation, leadership & community.

It Is Our Desire To See More healthcare professionals in Nigeria & Africa enter the world of Digital Healthcare Technologies…

We should make these classes go for free (sincerely, we’d love to), but we are putting in a lot of resources; in time, energy, intellect & software, and besides, the value you will get far outweighs the amount of money you are paying – a traditional Python class does not have the features that we have included in these classes for the amount of money that you are paying – also, we are focusing on a particular group of professionals – Healthcare Professionals, with a more specific demographic – those in Nigeria & Africa (though everyone is invited). 

And how much are we collecting for registration? You can get all these for just Fourteen Thousand Five Hundred Naira only (we already gave discounts to those who heard about it earlier). 

That’s small money (really small), compared to what some people spend on buying Data in a month (here in Nigeria), data spent mostly on surfing the colorful pages of Instagram & enjoying movies on Netflix

Python is the “most powerful language you can still read”.

Paul Dubois

With that amount of money, you get the rare opportunity of getting access to what I call the future community of Digital Healthcare Innovation in Africa (I am not even given much preference to the knowledge you will gain, which is amazingly enormous, compared to that “chicken change” we are asking you to give us so that we use it to further develop the platform & give our ideas more momentum & reach more people). 

If you would like to know how much platforms like Coursera & Udemy charge for a course on Python for beginners, you can go see for yourself. 

Those courses are great, I have bought some of them, but the challenge is getting access to a community that inspires you to make the best out of those courses, and one created for a specific group of healthcare professionals – well, I think that’s pretty scarce. 

We will give participants who completed the course certificates (I see certificates as little trophies; what counts is how you utilize the knowledge earned). 

And they will become part of a Digital Health Community that we are building. They will also be opportune to get access to highly valued information in the world of Digital Healthcare, which will help them grow & make informed decisions when it comes to choosing a career in the world of Technology.   

Carecode is starting up (as you can see for yourself), but we have passion for what we are doing. And we are very specific with our target population – healthcare professionals in Nigeria & Africa. 

We are going to make it easy for participants to interact with us, that’s why we are making use of Whatsapp, Google Classrooms & Google Meets (everyone has a Gmail). 

It is going to be entirely practical; hands-on training. Limited theories with plenty of “do it yourself stuff.”

As we spread our tentacles, learning, growing & developing, it will get more difficult for people to get access to our core (it’s natural). 

“Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning, and remains so as the system grows and evolves. Today dozens of Google engineers use Python, and we’re looking for more people with skills in this language.”

Peter Norvig , director of search quality at Google, Inc

I see this Bootcamp as an opportunity for us to interact with professionals who are desperate for change in this early stages of our development.   

Our courses, bootcamps, training, etc will definitely get more expensive as time goes by (that’s also natural). But that does not mean we will not make it accessible to those who are ready. 

We are placing premium on two things – value & community. With the right community, you will be able to make the best use of the value you have absorbed. Without it, the value shrinks, becoming a fancy certificate hanging on your wall. 

One of the reasons why some communities require that memberships be secured with fees is because people don’t value free things. If it’s free, it may not have enough value. 

The money you pay is your sacrifice that shows that you are serious with what you want to acquire. 

Are There Any Requirements?

We encourage participants to have a working PC, good internet connection & electricity (more details about requirements [software to download] will be provided once you are added to the Whatsapp group for participants).  

We are aware that a lack of some, if not all of these basic requirements will pose challenges to some participants in Nigeria & Africa. But we still believe that nothing should be able to hinder you if you are desperate enough. 

To register, kindly fill this form, and send payment details to, or directly to our official Whatsapp contact, a reply will be sent back confirming your payment, and you will be immediately added to a closed group on Whatsapp.  

Meet Our Facilitator…

GEOMAN Cosmos Chidiebere is an educationist with a diploma in Computer Applications, a degree in Computer Education & Masters in Information Technology.

He is a seasoned Digital Marketer & has been developing websites since 2001! Yes, 2001!

Cosmos is also the Team Lead, Corporate Affairs in a leading fin. Coy.

As a Certified Trainer & Resource Person, He is also a Business Mentor, guidance & counsellor, brandpreneur & and interpersonal relationship expert. So many amazing qualities in one man…

If you have any issues, challenges, or problems, just send us a friendly mail, we will do our best to assist you. 

For those who have our direct Whatsapp Contact, you can send registration details & payment confirmation through that channel. 

The Bootcamp is scheduled to start in October (giving you enough time to prepare). And it is planned to last for three Saturdays i.e A day in a weekend, that will be three days; one day in a week. 

Our facilitator will be available through the training weeks to access assignments & tasks, and there is room for those who want to take a bold step further and enroll in an Intermediate or Master’s class.  

And for those who do exceptionally well, we will be glad to integrate them into our Digital Health Community/Team, where they will be privileged to get access to a wide array of resources, information, and most importantly, inspiration, motivation & community. 

Please, be careful out there. We are only collecting payments through two channels – my personal bank account & a designated PayPal mail (which are all available on a section of the registration form)

You can always reach out to us on our Whatsapp contact and make thorough verifications if you are not sure about anything. We want you to be safe out there. 


More details will be made available on our Blog social media pages.  

Inspired to do more…

Your friend in the school of Innovation, Leadership & Learning.

Ayinla Daniel.

Founder Carecode Digital Health Hub.


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