Care City Commemorates With Aghedo Princewill

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Princewill Aghedo

Care City Commemorates With Aghedo Princewill, a global nurse leader and founder of Empower Nurses Consult.  

At Care City, we uphold the banner of good leadership in healthcare, especially in Africa. And when we spot innovative leadership, we are quick to celebrate it. 

Aghedo Princewill has been a consistent voice in the nursing community in Nigeria and Africa. 

He has been an inspiration to many nurses and through him a lot of nurses have been able to break free from all sorts of stereotypes that held them down, preventing them from utilizing the many opportunities the profession offers. 

Recently, Aghedo Princewill won the International Nurses Day 2022, Nursing Now Challenge Award for Advocacy & Communication.

Nursing Now is a global campaign to improve health by raising the status and profile of nursing. Established in 2018, Nursing Now has united nurses, health advocates and allies from around the world in the first-ever global movement to champion the role of nurses.”

It is on this global and admirable achievement that the team here at Care City and our community join the community of Nurses in Nigeria and Africa to celebrate Princewill Aghedo. 

We know that this achievement will spur more nurses in Nigeria and Africa to keep on working in raising the profile of nurses. 

There are more intelligent global nursing leaders and innovators emerging from Nigeria and Africa who will re-write the narrative and cause paradigm shifts in nursing leadership.

There’s so much more to do in the field of nursing and healthcare in general. 

What are you waiting for? 

Once more, we say a big congratulations to Nurse Aghedo Princewill

Keep this flag flying.

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