“Big Dreams The Ultimate Guide To Migration For A Nigerian Nurse” By Oluwatobi Abiodun | Book Review

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As at 2021, it’s estimated that about 7,000 nurses left the shores of Nigeria seeking greener pastures.

You can be among these vision-driven professionals who understand the power of enabling environment — systems that work. 

Have You Got Big Dreams?

This book should be in the arsenal of nurses who are serious about migrating. In it, you will find well mapped out steps, processes & procedures that will make the migration process hassle-free for nurses in Nigeria.

Information is the power — good & accurate information. You are where you are today because of the kind of information that you have allowed to shape you. It sounds simple, but it’s a powerful concept. A lot of nurses are stranded in strange places today because they have not laid their hands on the right kind of information.

Here is information that can transform your life & career as a professional nurse. Written & compiled by one of Nigeria’s most celebrated nurses — Abiodun Oluwatobi. He’s a mentor & a leader I respect so much. Last year, we interviewed him on INSPIRE, and through that interview, you can interact with his vision [check it out here].

Nigerian Nurses want to work in an environment where they are respected, valued & appreciated.

How can professional nurses who have spent five years [some even spend more, due to different paths taken and additional qualifications] in the university enjoy working in government establishments that owe salaries up to five or more months? This tale may sound unbelievable [to people in developed countries — how do you even survive three months without a salary? Talk more seven or eight?], but it’s true. The government knows, the leaders are aware. But nothing is being done about it.

Many of us leave the country because we are tired and have reached our elastic limits. We want it better for our children, we want to build better futures for those around us. We don’t hate our country.

This guide will empower you to take that decision that will change your life, forever.

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It’s a privilege to write this short review. I see it as a big contribution to the development of the nursing profession in Nigeria.

This is an ultimate guide [it lives to its description]. There’s nothing like it out there, created to meet this very specific need of nurses in Nigeria.

Carefully curated, well structured & it includes rich references to other helpful resources.

It also contains experiences from nurses who have succeeded in migrating — there’s no other motivation or inspiration greater than the testimony of people who have succeeded in achieving that feat you so desire to achieve as a person. You are inspired by their stories & testimonies to pursue that BIG DREAM!

You need this tool, to make your ‘japa’ dreams come through. If you have been procrastinating [we all do], this guide will give you the drive and strengthen your decisions. Sometimes, what we need as people is just a little nudge. You will get that push right in the pages of this ultimate guide.

To me, this is more than just a guide.

It’s a passport to greatness.

This is your passport to greatness.

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