Southeast Zonal NANNM Leaders & National NANNM Executives Meet with Nurses of Alex-Ekwueme Federal University Teaching Hospital Abakiliki, (AEFUTHA) Over Termination Of Their Membership From NANNM

The South East Zonal Chairman representing the National NANNM president, said; this zone is newly created by NANNM, during our inauguration as the south east zonal leaders, we got information that about 423 nurses has exited, from the association due to high cost of COD ( 3% consolidated).
He said, we are here today to discus with you face to face


Nursing gives you a unique view to see the world. You are suddenly aware of all the agony, sadness & beauty that surrounds you, which you have not been giving attention to. You become more aware.

Carecode Digital Health Hub

Healthcare professional holding a digital device

A lot of Nurses & Healthcare Professionals are technophobic, they feel the digital world is meant for the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates; they do not know that they will do themselves and their communities a lot of good by understanding the working concepts of Digital Health.

Future Of Healthcare: The Digital Perspective

Artificial intelligence for Data Mining, Remote Surveillance of patients on a ventilator, Rapid Testing, UVC light for SARS COV 2 Inactivation are enough instances to show how technology has assisted the Healthcare industry in combating the pandemic.

INSPIRE With Abiodun Oluwatobi | February Edition

This edition of INSPIRE is a very special one, in that we are interviewing an amazing Registered Nurse, whose brand (NJO) is a household name among Registered Nurses & Healthcare Professionals in Nigeria. When I first approached him, I thought he was going to turn me down with the expected excuse of being busy, but […]

Robotic Technologies & COVID-19

A pandemic is described as a large-scale outbreak of infectious disease that can greatly impact morbidity and mortality over a wide geographic area and cause significant economic, social, and political disruption (Madhav, 2017).