Carecode Digital Health Hub Bootcamp: Graduating Our First Cohort

We finally graduated the first cohort of our maiden digital health bootcamp yesterday.  I am super excited right now. This is a giant leap for us at Carecode Digital Health Hub. It means a lot, honestly. What started as a simple idea is gradually becoming a reality.  You know, one of the sweetest feelings for entrepreneurs and visionaries is when they see their ideas […]

Digital Health: The Importance of Patient Design

The Paradigm Shift Healthcare consumerism has changed.  And healthcare brands that will survive this paradigm shift are those that understand the pattern of 21st-century healthcare consumerism.  In recent times, the internet and social media have made information available to virtually everyone with access to the internet.  Information that was once only privy to a handful of professionals is now […]

Why Your Healthcare/Health-tech Brand Needs Good Social Representation

Healthcare professional holding a digital device

This article first appeared in my personal newsletter, “UNBOUNDED.” You can check it out here. It has also been slightly edited. A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.  Lisa Gansky You can’t build in isolation and hope to cause any significant changes out there. People are social.  Business is social.  Life […]