10 Nursing Scholarships You Should Check Out Immediately

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In previous years when intending students or a student exclaims aloud in excitement – I got a scholarship! – it usually is received with mixed feelings as some category of people assume that those who require scholarships to study or further their study or make their study easier lack the necessary funds and are termed – Poor or financially handicapped. 

However, is this the case? The simple answer is No! 

The word scholarship was coined from ‘Scholar,’ meaning exceptional student with a high academic record. 

But, recently, it isn’t just about academic record anymore; various scholarship boards consider such individuals’ contributions to the society they live in, either as a volunteer or as a worker and lots more. 

Though getting nursing scholarships may not be very easy, there are still institutions & academic bodies out there that offer scholarships to nurses. 

And if one meets the requirements, and follows the process [with a little guidance] you are sure to go home with a trophy.  

In this article, we will be stating out 10 scholarships available for international nursing students.


1. The University of West London Scholarship

The University of West London is a public university that offers scholarships to international students who wish to study nursing at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in their College of Nursing, Midwifery, and Healthcare.

Scholarship Reward: €3,500.

2. William K. Schubert Minority Nursing Funding

This scholarship is aimed at young budding nurses to provide them with the best training practices and research. Applicants must have started a career in nursing. Preparation to become or have an interest in becoming a pediatric nurse is a plus.

Scholarship reward: $2,760/year.

3. University of Dundee Global Excellence Postgraduate Scholarships, UK.

The University of Dundee offers a scholarship for full-time Postgraduate Study. An applicant must have completed undergraduate studies in Nursing.

Scholarship reward: €5,000.

4. Culver-Stockton College Scholarship

International students who want to undertake a bachelor’s degree in Nursing are eligible for this scholarship. However, applicants must first be given admission before applying for the scholarship.

Scholarship reward: $16,000.

5. International Medical University, Malaysia

The Medical University awards applicants who are ready to begin undergraduate studies in Nursing. The scholarship is awarded considering the academic record, leadership qualities, and extracurricular activities.

Scholarship rewards: Full or Partial.

6. University of Wellington Victoria Scholarships

Students who have been awarded undergraduate degrees and a master’s degree in Nursing are eligible to apply. The University of Wellington is located in New Zealand. The scholarship covers Ph.D. programs in nursing.

Scholarship reward: NZ$20,000/year.

7. College of Pennsylvania

The college of Pennsylvania School of Nursing is open to students ready to pursue an undergraduate degree study in Nursing at the university.

Scholarship reward: Full or Partial Depending on the total grants received by the university towards the scholarship program.

8. University of Illinois, Chicago Laurette Kristen Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to qualified students who have enrolled to pursue an undergraduate degree or graduate degree in nursing at the University.

Scholarship reward: $5,000

9. R&D Systems Scholarship.

This scholarship aims to provide students who are pursuing a degree in the medical field, including Nursing. 

It is awarded twice a year—one in the fall and the other in the spring semester.

Scholarship reward: $1,500.

10.  Case Western Reserve University Bolton Scholarship.

The Bolton scholarship is named after one of the University School of Nursing founders, Frances Payne Bolton.  

Students with good academics and ready to make a significant impact in the nursing world are eligible to apply.

Scholarship rewards: Varies.

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There are so many scholarships available for nurses all around the globe. 

However, specific terms and conditions apply to these scholarships. 

Therefore, there is a need to read the scholarship requirements before applying carefully. 

Consistency in watching out for these Scholarship opportunities is a crucial step to getting one.


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